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Think about your typical work week. Now, think about how much time you waste writing emails in English. You have to think about what you want to say, formulate your phrases, ask yourself if theyr’e correct, check with Google Translate, ask yourself if Google Translate is correct, ask your colleague…Ugh!

If you send the same emails again and again, save yourself a lot of time and a lot of stress by creating email templates in English. It’s super simple, and will make your life a lot simpler too.

For example, if you always reserve a meeting room (because you find lots of good ones thanks to Bird Office), you could create a template like this:

Hello (receivers’ name),

I’m interested in your meeting room (name of offer) that I saw on

Id’ like to know if its’ possible to reserve it for (date) from (start time) to (finish time).

Could you please send me some information about the prices and availability?

Kind regards,


Seriously, creating templates like this will save you a ton of time! You want another one?

Lets’ say you have to organize a conf call with your team every month. Heres’ the email template you could use to remind them not to forget about the meeting.

Hi team,

This is just a quick reminder about our conf call coming up on (date). Itl’l start at (start time), so please make sure you connect on time.

If we start on time, we can finish on time!

Il’l send the agenda to you on (date). Please bring it with you. Itl’l help things go smoothly.

The dial-in code is (code number).

If you have any questions or cant’ make it for any reason, just let me know.

Thanks and talk to you then,


With templates like these, youl’l save an extra hour in your week, minimum.

That means that you can get out of the office and actually do a little bit of sport. You know, that activity that you always avoid by saying “I dont’ have time, I have too much work to do this week.” No more excuses now!

In addition to saving you hours a month, theyl’l save you lots of headaches.

No more asking yourself “Is that supposed to be in the preterit or present perfect?”, “Is it o’n Monday ‘or a’t Monday?'”, “What can I put at the end of my email?” Wouldnt’ you be thrilled if all of a sudden, these pesky problems disappeared from your everyday life?

If your’e not really a pro at geeky internet things like creating email templates, not to worry. Here are two articles that explain exactly how to do it, step by step. Easy peasy!

  • Use An Outlook Template For A Standard Response
  • Stop Wasting Time Writing The Same Emails On Gmail

Now, what are you going to do with all your extra time?

Do you want 3 additional templates to help you write clear and concise requests? Find 3 free templates, created by Christina Rebuffet on her blog.

An American in France since 2004, Christina coaches clients to better communicate in English and find ways to improve their English level. She regularly speaks at conferences all over Europe. With her YouTube channel Speak Better, Feel Great TV, she is on a mission to boost the English level of French people everywhere. If youv’e got a meeting with Americans soon, youl’l definitely want to sign up for her Speak Better, Feel Great Newsletter.