It is the time of COP 21 and the one of resolutions for ecology too ! In the office, workers are prone to develop environmentally “unfriendly” habits. Yet, workers are used to spending most of their time in their office, especially since the creation of Bird Office. Indeed, Bird Office enables companies to rent desks or rooms to organize their meetings. Thats’ why, Bird Office is vowing to give some environmentally friendly behaviors :

To use reusable coffee cups.

Because of coffee breaks in the office and endless meetings, it seems nearly impossible to escape plastic in our every day lives. Yet, plastic accounts for 10 percent of the total waste we generate and 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw away. Thats’ why, workers have to use eco-friendly substitutes for plastic like reusable coffee cups. For instance, workers can bring their own reusable coffee mug in the office.

To turn down the heating.

It is the time of winter, its’ cold and…heating bills increase. In the office too. Thats’ why, workers have to turn off the heating at night and turn it back on in the morning after ventilating the office and closing the windows. To check the temperature is a way to save energy, to limit CO2 emissions and to toe the Cop21s’ line. Thus, it’s time we got on with it !

To switch off the light.

To be green in the office is a way to feel good in the office, just like at home, even when the office is rented. So, workers have to live in the office, like at home : to switch off the light before leaving, and so forth.

To reduce paper consumption in the office.

Workers dont’ have to print all the mails they receive to avoid the waste of paper. A good idea for workers : to start by reporting mails which printing is needed. Then why not reduce, if possible, the typeface in font these mails, before printing ?

To put the computer to sleep!

In the evening, after a long day in the office and after endless meetings, it is hard to think to switch off the computer. However, standby mode consumes almost as much as the active mode of the computer. At the scale of a company, energy reductions are important if workers think to turn off their PC every night …


With these simple rules, it is possible to develop environmentally “friendly” habits in the office and during meetings. So do not hesitate!