The words “meeting” and “fun” go together like cheese and Nutella. But meetings dont’ have to be all work and no play. If meetings were more like comedy shows, maybe more people would LOVE to attend them.

Just for fun, here are a few jokes you can tell at your next meeting in London, to get a laugh out of your fellow participants, lighten the atmosphere, and–lets’ be ambitious–add a little fun to the event.

But caution: Only use these if your colleagues or boss have a very good sense of humor!

In response to a colleague who says your’e not giving your normal 100% on a project:

“What?! Thats’ totally crazy! My normal for a project is 15% max!”

When your manager asks you to start your presentation with a joke:

“So, the manager asked me to start my presentation with a joke. You can see here on my first slide my pay check from last month.”

If the meeting chairperson asks what you learned in the meeting today:

“Something really fascinating, actually. Did you know that by bending a paper clip just once, you can make a perfect “S”?

Before you start the meeting:

“I propose a new rule: This meeting will only last as long as my computer battery, or my bladder!”

When your project manager asks if you have an idea for a solution:

“Well, I dont’ have a solution, but I do admire your ability to create complex problems.”

When your colleague complains that you always wait until the last minute to do something:

“Yes, but you should be thankful. If it werent’ for the last minute, I would never do anything.”

If your’e leading the meeting and want to check everyone is actually listening:

“OK, so before we start this meeting, lets’ be clear about why wer’e here: To discuss things that must happen but will never actually happen, or that will happen far too late to be useful.”

When youv’e finished your presentation and the meeting is already over time:

“OK, so who wants to ask a question and make this meeting run later than it already has?”

As a manager, just before you have to give feedback to your team:

“Right, lets’ look at some feedback on your performance. I’m going to give you a bit of criticism sandwiched between two meaningless pieces of praise to make it seem like I have good communication skills.”

When the meeting chair asks if a debate is finished, after 30 minutes of debating and no solution:

“I’m not so sure. I think we need to waste a little more time on this question.”

Youl’l certainly get a funny look from your colleagues, and if your’e lucky, youl’l even get a laugh!

An American living in France since 2004, Christina coaches French professionals to better communicate in English and grow their business abroad. With her YouTube channel Speak Better, Feel Great TV, she is on a mission to boost the English level of French people everywhere. Sign up and youl’l get a free video lesson every week!