You want to organize an important business meeting in London and spend quality time on recreation in the city? With the help of the meeting room booking expert Bird Office, it is possible to do both. We offer dynamic workspace that can hold any type of meeting with interesting rates per hour.

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What makes meeting held in London special?

London is one of Europes’ most developed and richest cities. It is one of the world’s leading financial centers and one of the most important location for international finance. In 2014, American Business Magazine Forbes ranked the city as the most influential city in the world. It has five major business districts: the City, Westminster, Canary Wharf, Camden & Islington and Lambeth & Southwark. All of the said districts play an important role in giving professionals opportunity to expand their network.

The public transport network in London is one of the most extensive in the world. The large number of bus, tramway and subway lines makes easy to move from one meeting to another in just short period of time during a business travel in London.

Where to book a meeting room?

The five main business centers (the City, Westminster, Canary Wharf, Camden & Islington and Lambeth & Southwark) offers a wide range of professional spaces including meeting rooms, computer rooms and conference rooms available to rent. As well as neighboring borough and districts.

Looking for venues at London? With the assistance of Bird Office, you can secure convenient venues compatible to the nature of your business events. We offer flexible rooms that can hold any type of meetings. Whether you wanted stay for a couple of hours or the entire day, productivity is assured by affordable rooms with uncompromising quality.

What rooms to rent?

Book a Private Office

We have a large range of private offices available to rent across London. This will allow you to work in a calm and confidential environment. For freelance workers requiring peace and quiet to concentrate on their job, hiring a private office is the right choice. Easily rent a workspace ideal for your business activity and which will live up to your expectations.

Hire Suitable Interview Rooms

Optimize your interviews by hiring comfortable workspace for recruitments with Bird Office. The interview is the most feared part of the recruitment process for candidates. It is a period where they are under a lot of stress and subject to strong emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to secure a pleasant room to ensure that interview runs smoothly in order to identify the people who are best suited for the job vacancy.

Utilize Fully-equipped Training Rooms

It is also possible to reserve a training facility with the right equipment and space. In fact, the training room supports the training you want to give. The venue will be arranged depending on the preferred layout of your training session. Trainees will be attentive if they feel at ease which then promotes fresh ideas and creativity.

Reserve Meeting Rooms

Benefit from a wide range of meeting rooms provided by Bird Office. It goes without saying that choosing the right workspace is important since it will determine the quality of exchange you will have with your staff or coworkers. A meeting room is both a strategic area in which decisions are taken and a place for communication.

Rent Spacious Conference Halls

Our company can help in finding suitable conference room that reflects the importance of the event being held anywhere in London. We have spacious venues that can adapt to more or less 200 participants. Captivate your audience with the aid of necessary amenities such as fast internet access, sound system and visual aids that will boost the quality of your exchange.

What to do in between meetings?

Make the most out of your stay at London and explore the city to discover remarkable attractions. Enjoy various recreational activities with colleagues to double the fun!

Cultural Discoveries at the heart of London


London is home to bustling entertainment hubs such as the Royal Albert Hall which boasts classical performances and the world-famous theater, Royal Opera House.


The thriving art scene of London offers numerous galleries that will surely take you back in the past. The South London Gallery and National Portrait Gallery both have Europes’ finest art collection. Never miss the chance to see the Victoria and Albert Museum which is the world’s greatest museum of art and design.


Looking for world-class entertainment? Head straight to Londons’ West End which features renowned performances at the Queen’s Theater, Apollo Victoria and the Lyric Theater.


Excellent green spaces and royal parks are plenty where you can relax and enjoy the nature. Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James Park are just few of them.