A business meeting in Brussels: Aim for a pleasant experience in the French community capital

To organize business meeting or attend one in Brussels is a great opportunity to build larger network and experience its rich culture at the same time.

A business meeting in Brussels will never come out as yet another work to be accomplished but rather a form of enjoyment. Because its culture is just within reach limitless in the architecture, arts, and cuisine, newcomers who will attend the meeting would definitely come back to relive their experience.

As regards conducting the conference, absolutely about anywhere in Brussels you can easily pick a suitable location. Thanks to Bird Office, the easily dependable online meeting reservation system that readied all these locations across Europe at a rate suitable to your needs.

Typically, an organization would send representatives to attend to a business meeting to capture needs or analyze a business process and arrive at an agreed solution. In a business meeting, parties assemble to initiate plans with stakeholders, make decisions, resolve issues and celebrate achievements. A successful business meeting generates an outcome that can be used to keep an organizations’ game going. Heres’ what to keep an eye on before your Brussels business meeting:

Check the meeting site:

Bird Office has the complete specification of the meeting place that you have chosen. After renting one, do an ocular review to give yourself a wiggle room for “imminent surprises”.

Inform the attendees:

Inform every one about the meeting details such as the time and place and the topics to be discussed. You can send it in a form of calendar invite and make sure theyr’e kept reminded of this upcoming activity.

Ready the agenda:

As the attendees travel from any point in the world, your job is to prepare a worthy agenda. Make sure that it will cover all the meeting needs – those that you can extract from previous email exchanges and phone calls with your contacts.

Research about the agenda:

While and right after preparing the agenda, it is absolutely helpful to review any unclear topics so that you can structure in mind the possible flow of the meeting. It is necessary that all topics will be covered during the meeting.

Ready your questions:

List down all questions that can possibly come out during your discussions. These questions are typically the rarest ones and may not necessarily have been asked through emails as bosses arent’ quite as responsive as the partner staffs in your contact list.

Prepare a cool presentation:

Unleash your oozing x-factor in its most creative form as you design the presentation. Systematically projecting really neat slides as you present in an organized fashion is a plus-points for a meeting attended by top level executives.

Why organize a business meeting in Brussels?

Brussels is the comfort zone to about 1.8 million diverse nationalities in the metropolitan alone. This French city is a region of Belgium comprising 19 municipalities. This is where you see people of interesting cultural foundation busying the streets as you enjoy its cool weather drizzles bouncing through concrete corners of its large architectures. In history, Brussels is a Dutch speaking city that eventually shifted to French in the late 19th century. The opportunity to just learn this language of diplomacy is a new form of grander achievement. Brussels is center for international politics housing many national institutions including the King of Belgium, the Belgian Federal Parliament and the Prime Minister of Belgium. Since the center of work is in Brussels, business meetings are typical scenes almost around every corner of this place.

What are some leisure activities you can try while in Brussels?


Historical structures from baroque and gothic to post-modern era are designs that are worth every bit of appreciation. You will notice just how sturdy and unique these buildings are if you visit and check out all of them around the main streets of Brussels such as the North Quarter, The Grand Place, Brussels City hall and Monts Des Arts.


Most famous Belgian artists produced artworks that are mainly in the form of surrealism and impressionism. Great works of art are housed in two of Brussels grandest museums such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Magritte Museum. Watching artists perform in large theatres and orchestras are also a great experience to try! Visit the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, King Baudouin Stadium and Bozar (Center for Fine Arts).


French cuisine known all over the world is to die for. A thousand restaurants ranging from traditional to modern ones offer just about any kinds of foods to fill in a visitors’ hungry stomach. French fries for one comes in many different cooking styles, chocolates as its main pride, Belgian beers, coffee shops and waffles are just among the countless options.