Why setup a business meeting in Geneva?

Geneva is one of the largest, most populous cities in Switzerland together with Zurich and Lausanne and 17 other highly urbanized cities.

Along with its development is the sidling of a great quality of life. In 2009, Geneva was ranked by Mercer consulting firm as third highest quality of life of any city in the world – much as it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The luxury of life in Geneva is evident on the ease in day to day activities of both locals and visitors alike.

Travel in Geneva is free of traffic hustle-bustle as anyone is sufficed with buses and taxis to easily catch around its main streets and avenues. If your’e staying in hotel rooms, you will receive a “Geneva Transport Card” that is free for the full duration of your stay. The comfort of unlimited travel comes in handy with Genevas’ cards for free public transport network.

As in the place to stay, fine suites around Geneva have first-rate technology and superb event facilities. For a more budgeted exploration, meeting a friendly local for a tour around the place can also be a great travel experience.

Organize your business meeting through Bird Office

Organizing a meeting in Geneva is rather enjoyable than exhausting. In fact, it is both a great opportunity and an achievement for you to take a step back and just appreciate from a distance how much mesmerism this place could offer, day and night, that you can proudly speak of it to your foreign attendees.

To achieve a well-planned meeting, seek the help of Bird Office. You will discover incredible meeting spaces that can accommodate even up to more than 200 people at a reasonable rate. Bird Office is proven and the best online go-to meeting reservation site that has an easy “find-book-meet” operational combo for customers with specific or even atypical meeting room needs.

Choose among the most suitable meeting places in Bird Office for your business meeting

There is no pressure in looking for meeting rooms in Geneva as this is a global city, a financial center, and worldwide center for diplomacy. The presence of numerous international organizations is a sure proof that meetings just happen around every corner of it at any time of the day. To match that, meeting rooms that are available in Bird Office are never limited to the imagination. As long as Bird Office is at the palm of your hand, your business meeting in Geneva will always be remarkable as the workspaces they offer are:

Unique location

You can ask the conference manager for Bird Office to setup the place in such a way that a more Geneva-isque look manifests in the vicinity of the conference room. You can even set the meeting near heritage sites and provide a reflection of its arts and tourism, such as the notable beauty of Geneva Lake.

Spacious meetings room

You can reserve a small board room for five attendees or a huge conference room for a hundred with options for privacy. Bird Office can offer just any kind of available meeting space for your team to effectively execute its meeting goals.

Room fully Equipped

A setup of advanced technological amenities is available as add-on to the meeting rooms. Utilize the available speaker tools and projectors plus improvised lights for a more impressive presentation. Seek comfort from fast and free Wi-Fi while co-working with your team.

Comfortable room

A business meeting room on the go for sure comes with an eye catching and tranquil setup. Discuss important business ideas while relaxing at the place as you get supported by event staff that is readily at your beck and call during the event.

What to visit in Geneva in your spare time?

The jet de’au

Air bubbles from a water jet at 140 meters high are but a unique experience to live by. This is Genevas’ must see tourist attraction!

Watchmaking in action

Visit the streets of Geneva at night and notice just how glowing the city is through its word-class watchmaking. Surely the luxury of life is but a reflection of Genevas’ respectable efforts in the field of accessorial craft.

The flower clock

Some astonishing floral arrangements are in the heart of Geneva just around the corner of Jardin Anglais. Geneva truly satisfies the human eyes by maintaining a connection between their pride at watchmaking and the floral topiaries that depicts it.

The Vieille-Ville

This old town is at the heart of the city and is the largest historic town in Switzerland. For a more picturesque view of the radiant city, take a few steps up the tower!

Musee International De la Reforme

A museum that takes you back to the history of Geneva? Thanks to a beautiful collection of items, paintings, books and manuscripts – this museum space allows you to watch and see and just discover how far efforts to a systematized government you can trace back.

There are plenty of places you can visit and enjoy in Geneva. Book a business meeting room at Bird Office now to finally experience another enjoyable, no pressure business meeting!