Phrases used in meeting room

Improve speaking skills by starting with a few graceful words

Some very successful businessmen can effectively negotiate even the most impossible of disputes because of their skills in twisting and adopting their choice of words to the situation. When talking with fellow businessmen, it is always helpful to start off or maintain a level of politeness to the words you speak. “I want that done today” would always mean too demanding than “I would appreciate you putting some urgency on that today” for a newcomer senior in the office. Choosing a few safe phrases in meetings can not only clarify matters in a calm and nice way but will surely leave a lasting impression on you from your colleagues.

How common are meeting phrases in personal meetings?

One-on-one meetings, group meetings, or high-level executive meetings – for each personal meeting in these categories, common phrases always come and go naturally without you even realizing theyv’e been mentioned a few times already. Try to secretly create a little tally on all of those common phrases on your next co-working brainstorming session to retort that realization. You will find that those who can start with a simple yet playfully nice line of words are the best speakers and probably are the most intellectual persons in the group.

That one-stop phrase in online meetings

“Are we all on?” – are the first four words that I hear every single day from my boss as she connects to an online meeting with our Berlin team. One of the few phrases in meetings or sentences, maybe, which almost ushers as the truism of remote meetings. I sometimes even make a pun imitating those words before she gets in to spark a little fun in the meeting room.

Online discussions are quite different to personal meetings because you cant’ always directly find an impression towards the other attendees unless they start talking. Thats’ why it always seems as though giving a tactful few-liners when connected to an online meeting is the drill because even though you cant’ see them, the tone of their voice and the way they speak are your only means of judgment.

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Now for the rest of the frequently used phrases in meetings

There are other phrases during meetings that may have passed your senses but are as common as acid-washed jeans. When you start on your presentations or want to clarify things, think of these catchy phrases as your board pass towards being appraised as someone worth listening to in brainstorming sessions. Sometimes, during very hot discussions, attitudes can take over. But there are ways you can trick those who fudge the issues to turn it into a calm, professional discussion.

Check them out below as they can come in handy for you if you feel like you have lost a few graceful words or want to substitute them for lack of a better term. Number 1 has already been mentioned.

Hi, I’m [name] and I will be presenting about [topic]

  • sort of for the rookies but common enough to the ears when welcoming everyone to a presentation

If I may…

  • is being said by your teammate whos’ too shy to shed a few facts about the issue on the table

I dont’ quite follow…

  • to those who lost their way in the savageness of technicalities in your discussions

I see…I see…

  • thats’ when your manager finally see the clarity of things amongst your jargons of words.


  • a single-worded phrase that may mean, “thats’ what I’ve been talking about all the time!”

I’m sorry to interrupt

  • the tactful ability of your teammate asking to hear him out first before you mess up the topic even more so…

Il’l check with my manager and get back to you on…

  • because you dont’ have her on your side and youv’e been cornered by those nosy clients

How about…

  • a sound suggestion that could finally end your long discussion over a simple “dashboard graphs should not have pink on them!”

Questions? Violent reactions?

  • this witty closing remarks that always comes as a couple like bread and butter