why do you hate your job ?

So you hate your job but cant’ quit it?

At some point in our career life wed’ probably encounter a job we dislike so much the idea of it becomes a constant drag every day when we wake up in the morning, in our meeting room and at home. But no matter how bad this job is, we just cant’ seem to easily quit it.

What are the reasons why you hate your job?

It doesnt’ match your skills

Ever been accepted into a job thats’ too easy even a kid at kindergarten can do it? No, I’m exaggerating but when you had that interview you were promised of so many things to learn in the office. Turns out your coworkers are the ones learning from you. That explains why your 8 hours of work isnt’ necessarily devoted to tasks alone, actually just about the boring 10% of it.

Your boss is a diva

More like the schwa sound for devil. This boss of yours just cant’ seem to let you sit for a while in your workstation – your’e not even a top! It has to come down but why is he turning over tasks that arent’ even in your job description? He cant’ even criticize positively, your ideas are not being heard, and if he does he makes you think its’ a total mess. Clearly something is really wrong with him but you both know why the spotlight doesnt’ even want to shine on him.

Its’ too stressing

At first you thought it was just challenging – and your’e not lazy. But every day as you get in the office, the workload just keeps getting bigger. You mess up one task and the rest follows. You feel like the whole world depends on you now and you cant’ seem to get out. Stress tabs dont’ even work on you anymore. At each days’ end you just want to stuff yourself in the corner and think about how you can get out of this overfull of an accountability that arent’ even yours to begin with.

Your’e demotivated

You know in your personal self that you are “never lazy, always hasty”. But no matter how remarkably you have closed that opportunity in one of your business meetings, you havent’ seem to receive a respectable amount of reward. No one taps you at the back for an excellent presentation you completed for the top level client. Everybody knows youv’e been doing so well but theyr’e just too slow in spotting who truly walks the real walk.

But if you hate it, why still keep it? List of bad excuses for keeping a job we don’t like.

I remember a friend of mine who was accepted as a programmer in London but immediately came to his boss on his first day, saying it wouldnt’ work. I realized that there are others, though, who do not hesitate. But for some people like me who was way too clingy and a little afraid to take the risk, I wasnt’ really able to just bust out the door and say, “I quit!” Well, I’ve had reasons but they were just bad excuses I should have realized much earlier a long time ago.

I thought it would get better

Just thinking about how much work awaits for me in the office is like the worst waking hour of my life. It was never a challenge anymore. It was already an overuse of someones’ good performance. I always thought things will get better. My boss made sure Id’ get an assistant in the next project just so I wont’ tip over. That didnt’ happen until– you know what happened next.

I couldnt’ just quickly quit because I didnt’ have enough savings

I was waiting for the bonus. But when it came, it still wasnt’ enough. For a developing country with taxes peaking at 40%, losing a job is not an option. There are plenty of hungry competitors outside, so why risk quitting now? Only to realize I’m an experienced senior I should have relied on my skills. Dont’ worry quitting that bad job now you will still get enough back pay.

I made the office my comfort zone

Yes, officemates who make me laugh and I get to hang out with on Fridays are like my family to me. Meetings at any private offices are never boring. But quantifiably analyzing this excuse, about 80% of my daily office life was actually dedicated to issues and worries about my projects.

Il’l give my boss a taste of the better doer

I hated him but I shouldnt’ be the one to quit. I knew I was always better and I couldnt’ leave him the final impression that he won the game. But I realized nobody cared. It was all just work anyway.

Looking for another job while at work was too cumbersome

I didnt’ want to add more stress on my work by looking for a job. But I was waiting for the right downtime. It didnt’ come so I got stuck for so long. Realizing I should have been looking for better opportunities already was the best decision I made. I could have had one less zit if I moved out earlier!

Now you should beat that thought out – because the earlier you cut ties the quicker you can move on and catch the better ones.

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