training room outside


When the attendees get bored

If youv’e recently noticed some meeting attendees stretching on their seats longer than ordinary, probably theyr’e not captivated by those artsy décor tapes around the corners of the meeting room anymore. For that, you might want to find locations that are new to the eyes – probably facing a green meadow or offer better coffee or even have more hi-tech equipment that can add color to your meetings. Saying this doesnt’ mean your meeting isnt’ productive, it is – but quite fallen through the pit of boredom category, the way they say that meetings should be time boxed to two becomes almost true. This is where Bird Office website comes in, you can optimize your meetings to last longer than two hours by renting outside-office meeting rooms through our website.

What does Bird Office offer ?

Fast and efficient booking for your meeting

Ready yourself to get a change in scenery and change in ideas by renting a meeting space in three simple steps: Find, Book, Meet! Bird Office is a reliable website that can offer various meeting rooms at a reasonable rate and is available anywhere across Europe. Say, if you live in London, there are plenty of available co-working spaces for you to rent.

Your choice of equipment is just a few clicks away

We offer various equipment for you to utilize depending on the scale and length of your meeting. During online booking, you will be provided a catalog from where you can order amenities and equipment for your presentation, activities and meals.

All-included service

We at Bird Office focus on your comfort. We make sure to quickly answer to your needs as our customer service is only a call away. If you book a space at a hotel, our staff will be there to welcome and assist you throughout your meeting. Meal orders can be made at a simple request. Its’ the availability and honesty of our service that makes Bird Office a thing nowadays.

What are the benefits of holding meetings outside the office ?

It gets you going

Travel is far less the kind of thing every worker wants to waste their time into. But travel around the historic city of Brussels? Well, thats’ a different thing. Holding your meeting away from the office gives you a different perspective to work-life balance by enjoying what you see as you travel towards the meeting venue. Plus your endorphin levels can spike out when you conduct meeting outdoors, thanks to vitamin D, this is pure science! The idea of waking up in the morning in a totally different routine can provide a baseline for the energy that your team needs as you brainstorm throughout the day.

Makes for more enjoyable activities and presentations

A more spacious meeting venue calls for activities that your attendees can enjoy. If you hush in the office, hush here no more, because its’ your place alone. You can setup dynamic activities, or games requiring a more productive engagement and productive discussion. You can setup stage presentations that you can eventually learn from.

It keeps the creative juice flowing

At a new environment, we tend to act less casual than we do in the office – which is a good thing because more critical decisions can be made. While the juice that the catering service offers is literally flowing, it is your responsibility to squeeze out the best ideas that you can think of on the table. The casual level of conversation can make your brainstorming even more productive that eventually sets your goals upright.

Makes your employees feel special

Being included in a special outside-office meeting would seem an achievement enough for you the other employees. Its’ the feeling that the company believes in your ideas and that you have something to share would definitely encourage you to do more. Whats’ more inviting than a company shelling out money for an expectably productive discussion outside the office with you as the chosen one? Isnt’ it already the first step to a better position and certainly a greener pasture?