recipe for the perfect office

What makes a perfect workspace ?

The very nature of creativity is coming up with things that have never been tried before, says Shelly Lazarus. If you want to make people love to go to office everyday, put more effort on strategizing a modernized look of the office. A perfect workspace, aside from embodying its core values like transparency, collaboration and motivation, must physically constitute aesthetics that do not only reflect the organizations’ personality but also considers the health and satisfaction of its employees.

Meeting rooms as offices need to inspire employees to work. For regular employees and mobile workers alike, a meeting room reserved at Bird Office exemplifies the complete recipe.

Whats’ Bird Offices’ recipe for a perfect office?

Rooms are well-designed

The first thing to consider when renting a meeting space as the extension of your office is the overall feel of the room. In Bird Office, we make sure that even a simple meeting room for two would not look too enclosed; our responsibility is to walk an extra mile to make your meeting experience as unforgettable as possible. Bird Office makes sure that furnitures are perfectly configured, other amenities are easily reachable, and your companys’ image is supported.

Rooms have complete equipment

Bird Office make sure that your meeting venues are conference-efficient — where attendees do not need to leave the room to take care of meeting-related tasks. Bird Office meeting rooms are fully technology-integrated for presentations and video conferencing. Do not worry about the equipment you need for that large conference because Bird Office offers readily-available meeting equipment. A complete list of it with our contacts are given to you for quick retrieval and request.

Rooms are at a reasonable rate

Compared to the cost you would lose for unproductive and messy discussions back in the office, the cost you shell out for a perfect meeting space at Bird Office is far less than what have been lost. Workspace rates at Bird Office depend on the needs and theyr’e very, very reasonable.

Rooms are accessible anywhere across Europe

Bird Office is scattered and expands to every city of in Europe. Name the place and we will point you there. One in the most important of recipes, accessibility is what we offer while you just simply do your job on a day-to-day basis.

Regardless if its’ a traditional office or a rented creative space, the design must always constitute the above recipe.

Heres’ an expansion on why design is factor to the overall welfare of the organization.

Your office design invites excellent workers

If your company is constantly on the look for excellent workers, then set up a crafty layout of your perfect office as it is the first thing people notice during interviews. The office arrangement reflects the very culture of your company. An organized desktop customization on one of the employees can hint a proactive and matured company process. A cluttered seating arrangement can mean that employee satisfaction is being neglected — while efforts to making a more organized office is being overlooked, it becomes rather uninviting. Dont’ miss a target hiree out of negative impression — he could have become your companys’ asset.

Workspaces should be more that just decors

When it comes to the physical and mental aspect of your employees, even the placement and design of perfect office chairs and tables matter. The global prevalence of low back pain on estimated 40% of workers is blamed to poor furniture design. The effects of green environment is also a factor to signin because it constantly re-stimulates employees to go for heavier workloads. The lights do not only brighten up the office but also help many coders who have eye problems focus better on tiny texts. If the physical and mental aspects of the employees are being taken care of, then productivity doubles and satisfaction level shoots up. At the end of the day, its’ always a fact that employees spend more time in the office than any other times in their lives.

Your meeting rooms are tools for the success of projects

Meeting rooms are the most important components in the perfect office. The overall completion of a project depends on how much items within the plans have been successfully executed through recurring updates, cram meetings and high-level brainstormings. A meeting room reserved at Bird Office is a complete evidence of highly organized perfect office.