meeting room for over a hundred people

Access Bird Office website to find the most ideal meeting room

Check our Bird Office website. If your job is to normally organize professional events with over a hundred attendees, your primary consideration is to find the most suitable venue that can accommodate and provide comfort to your attendees. We offer large amphitheaters that are available not only throughout France but also abroad especially in England, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Bird Office, you will find a multitude of rooms for rent that can even accommodate over 1000 people at very low rates.

Plan for a large-scale meeting

Meetings that comprise over a hundred attendees can be very difficult to organize because they typically involve ad hoc collaborations, activities that must be enjoyable, and discussions that require everyone to participate. For the most part speeches and open discussions require techniques to always keep audience engagement and attention. However difficult, large meetings are totally manageable if organizers are well-prepared and have concrete plans. Heres’ what you can do when planning for a huge meeting:

How big is the audience?

The first thing to find out is the exact number of attendees. This is your baseline for the cost of the place, the activity boards or papers that you need and what kind of activities you must prepare.

What important equipment are needed?

List down all the important items you need before booking a meeting room. Based on the number of attendees, you can approximate how much effort you need to exert when redecorating the place, preparing cardboards, IDs’ and notebooks and buying extra items for the event.

Who are the assignees in the prep team?

Make a record of the work breakdown structure, provide estimates and assumptions and assign each activity to team members respectively. Make sure that tasks that have dependencies are assigned separately to members so that they can be done simultaneously.

Who are the speakers and facilitators?

Request for the list of speakers during the event because you would need to research on how to introduce them to the crowd. Facilitators must be the ones who can keep the event cool and fun.

What is the schedule of the event?

Prepare for the overall schedule of activities. Is it a three-day event? Do attendees need to stay overnight? Make sure that the programme is designed as early as possible to make certain critical edits are doable.

What meeting room is ideal for the number of attendees?

Save your energy from personally visiting each target venue by reserving a large meeting place at Bird Office. For over a hundred attendees, booking a meeting space at Bird Office is just a click away.

Tips for organizing a large professional event through Bird Office

Which city must you choose?

In Bird Office, you are given a collection of cities to choose from whether you only need a quick travel to attend to your companys’ general assembly or a luxurious travel that gives you a chance to taste the cultural metropolis of London. We can specifically provide meeting spaces on every district of the city that you choose. Our private offices, meeting room, training rooms, or conference rooms are not only limited to Geneva, Brussels and Lille but absolutely anywhere across Europe.

Request for essential equipment

On the next seminar that you will organize, make sure that the equipment you choose when booking a meeting room at Bird Office answer to the needs of the meeting. Aside from the obvious need that it must accommodate a large crowd, for sure you would need to include sound systems, internet access, office supplies for collaborative games, activity areas and meals.

Make sure the meeting room is comfortable

To consistently get the audiences’ attention , it is of utmost importance that meetings are setup where everyone knows who leads it, what are the attendees ‘responsibilities, and what icebreakers can surprise them especially in professional trainings. It is the organizers’ duty to make it a completely engaging environment, at the same time comfortable. Bird Offices’ responsibilities on the other hand is making sure that the place is well-prepared and attendees are warmly welcomed and served the most delicious meal.

Do not compromise accessibility

As a general rule, your meeting venue must be accessible to the attendees. Whether theyr’e being gathered from local or abroad, make sure that the city where you conduct the professional event provides easy and fast transport, nearby hotels, and as an add-on the tourism of the place is also a big plus.