What is the perfect end to a seminar ?

If you have attended a seminar or conference, you would have noticed most attendees so eager to build rapport with others. In a wiser point of view, that skill is one of the great ways to act upon a business opportunity. A real entrepreneur can recognize a business lead at any given place and time. In your situation, a seminar should not only end by learning from the seminar itself, but also by targeting people that will potentially help your business thrive and generate sales. What you need is the right timing when to seek that opportunity, and usually it’s during seminar breaks !

Your responsibilities in meetings

In seminars or trainings, your duty is to listen and learn. This is a great exercise for you to advance your skills. For sure your boss signed you in for that training so you can relay your learnings to your team members. But, during seminar breaks is where real work begins — you make sure to engage yourself in casual but worthwhile conversations. Whether your’e seeking for a job or looking for potential investors or even want to generate sales for your business, building your connections needs extra amount of effort to help you better in the long run.

Ways to build your connections during seminars

Regardless of how and when you do it, your ultimate goal must be to link together individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become your walking and talking advertisements. To build your connections during meeting breaks, you must:

  1. Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine

This means that to gather more people to live in your post, you need to be authentic and trustworthy. You can advertise a business by helping other businesses too. You need documents to prove you have visibility of your future. Keeping a friendly demeanor is one positive way to let potential contacts remember you and your vision.

  1. Be specific about your goals, yet be creative with words

Avoid telling others immediately about what you do. It will leave you the impression that you have an obvious hidden agenda. The other way around is better. Try introducing yourself with a casual hello. Perhaps a short personal background to stir the conversation would be better. Follow the conversation with what you have been busy about and how excited you are to attain that goal. You can be witty and fun at the same time. Dont’ be shy, your’e old enough !

  1. Do the relevant targeting

Dont’ waste your energy doing networking with somebody who can never help you reach your goal — in short, dont’ be pushy. Judge the people around you a little and choose the best target. Remember your only goal for that 30-minutes seminar break is to generate leads. When you sense someone getting a little interested about your business, give them a contact card or share your pamphlets already (which means, don’t forget to take some with you !). Later, call those you meet who may benefit from what you do and vice versa.

  1. Visit a group that sparks your interest

The more you mingle with people, the bigger is your opportunity to get listed in their pool of contacts. Remember that its’ a two way connection your’e looking for. Offer them help if you can also help them attain their goals. For sure this deed will return to you in the form of advertisements and positive feedback of your products. You have to become known as a powerful resource for the others.

  1. Follow up

Back at your workstation, re-engage. Try emailing your gathered leads and do a little more business talks by thanking them for their time and how excited you are to working with them in the future. Leave them your website, contact and/or any article that could build your credibility as a business person. Assure them of your ultimate service and how you can help them, in favor of advertising your business.