Organising a seminar: what should the subject be?

Are you responsible for organising your company’s next seminar, but are unsure about your choice of topic? How do you find a subject that is suitable for your company, but also original and exciting for the staff? This problem is not to be taken lightly, since the theme should run through your seminar from start to finish. But making a choice is tricky, given the wide range of choices available to you. Here are some ideas to help you decide.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the seminars’ topic should go hand-in-hand with your company’s identity. Once you have defined that direction, all you have to do is make your choice from the options available to you. See below for details of the top 5 themes for your seminars in 2017.

Linking a city to your subject

The theme of a seminar is all the more significant for the audience when it is directly linked to the event’s surroundings, so it’s always a good idea to make more of an effort in this regard. For example, if you work for a firm that specialises in technology and development, it would be a great idea to book a seminar room in the Custard Factory in Birmingham, or in Leamington Spa, both of which arerenowned for being home to several creative and digital companies, as well as gaming/tech companies. You could then discuss the effects that this project has had on the local population, on businesses, tourism, etc. Likewise, if your company specialises in aerospace, why not hire a meeting room in Toulouse, home of Aerospace Valley? Basically, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to choose the subject and city of your seminar according to your companys’ DNA, as this guarantees its effectiveness!

Linking the season to your subject

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes the ski season, eagerly awaited by snowsports fans. Why not make the most of this during your next seminar? Organising an event in a ski resort would be much more exciting for employees and reinforce their team spirit. What’s more, it’s pretty straightforward to link a seminars’ topic to the cosy spirit of winter. Holding an informal evening event around the fire after a fondue and a glass of mulled wine…how could your staff not feel closer as a team after that? So don’t hesitate – make use of the many activities that winter offers for your next seminar.

Sun, sea and seminars

Just like winter, summer can be an ideal bedfellow when choosing the theme of your seminar. Although the long, sunny days in warmer climes are behind us, they will be back in a few months’ time. For now, consider holding your seminar by the sea, in a charming coastal resort. You could easily link your business activity to the summer season – as the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines! Once again, it’s not only your subject that will benefit – the entire atmosphere of your seminar will get a boost.

What about sports?

We all know from experience that seminars can be quite nerve-wracking, which is why organising a sporting activity during your event is a great way to let off steam. Regardless of the topic youv’e chosen, you can always introduce an Olympic-style game of volleyball, handball, watersports, etc., all in the good name of team-building. There are lots of ideas along the same lines, but the results are always the same: a successful seminar.

Could “holidays” be a good subject for a seminar?

Here’s a topic rarely used by seminar organisers, but we think it could still work: holidays. True, it’s probably not suitable for every one of your seminars – especially if you’re holding one right after the summer holidays. That said, why not set an example of how to relax by choosing “holidays” as the theme for your June event? Of course, you can still present a company activity report for the past year, but given that the summer holidays have finally arrived, it can be very interesting to focus the presentation around this period of the year. As a result, your employees will go off happily on holiday, feeling like they have the best employer.

Finally, we urge you to take a serious look at the subjects of our seminars, and well in advance, too. Originality is the keyword in the majority of cases, but sometimes, its’ sufficient to simply rely on whatever is most logical to ensure the success of your event. Because apart from the choice of topic, how your seminar is delivered will be key to its success.