seminarOne of the most important strategies to smoothly run a seminar is to maintain a cohesive atmosphere. An event planner knows that every bit of an activity attributed to the event must revolve around a discernable theme at all time.  Planning a seminar does not end in identifying the time, place and people alone.  What’s even more important to do is to commit to a predetermined central idea. The theme of your event is what catches the eyes and makes sure that the attendees are always in full attention.

Defining your theme is not a difficult task; the execution of it is. A careful selection of the theme although does help, but the capacity of your team to making sure that everything runs slickly as planned is what’s even more important. For sure you would rather not have a meeting that is fun but unfortunately does not embody the central message of your theme.

As seminars are simply becoming a business these days, organizers are making sure that attendees get what they paid for. And it only becomes memorable when it’s effective. Focusing on the theme of the seminar helps the team to share the message without necessarily falling short on the expectations for the event.

The central idea

If you’ve noticed, most of the seminars that you’ve been into run a special tagline. Not only does this seal the audience’s focus but also helps your speakers commit to the central theme until the end. Their job is to deliver a message that is relevant to the purpose of the meeting. By making your central idea easily searchable, you will have organizations lining up for the event. Remember that these groups are sending their people to a seminar in order to expand their network or leverage their skills. A seminar that perfectly answers the “what and whys” and allows attendees to add it in their career checklist is something that can be deemed great.

Seminars can vary from one another because of their theme. For one, a seminar that focuses on teamwork as the central element can be filled with group games and other fun activities. On the other hand, a seminar for skills development can have emphasis on real world activities and assessments. In general, to keep your seminar activities hooked around the theme, here are a few things to keep in mind :

Prepare catchy presentations, including the tagline

Obviously this should be on top of the list. While the advent of technology took our creative powers to a whole new level, creating catchy presentations can now be made easier by utilizing existing tools. Within your slides are subtopics that are intertwined to the central idea — the tagline. A catchy presentation is something that is easy on the eyes while not hanging by its purpose which is to deliver a clear and beneficial message that attendees can satisfactorily bring home.

Orient your people

Imagine the disappointment of a stage director for not having his superstars come for the rehearsals. As the organizer of the seminar, it is your responsibility to instill into your presenters’ minds the importance of sticking to the common theme and delivering a message that focuses on the tagline. Not only do you need to orient the invitees but also your teammates who will lead the activities. If you want a fun and indulging seminar, then your fellow organizers could use some charisma.

Colorize your theme

If it’s a company event, deciding a color for your presentations will be less of a stress because you can just follow the org color. With events extending from your company to another, choosing a perfect color can help make attendees feel like you less patronize but rather focus on achieving the purpose of your meeting. Creativity does not end in creating catchy slides but can also extend to your team crayoning even the seats and tables to brighten things up.

Send exciting invites

Motivate your attendees by promising a memorable event. Your invites should be attractive enough to tease your invitees. Whether it’s through email or a letter, make a little thrill by teasing them about the prices for the group activities, or a popular author coming in for the event, or the importance of the things that they can learn from it.

Here are some amazing themes that are suitable for each kind of seminar that you will organize in the future :



  • Ways to kick it better
  • Be a squeezer
  • Build your projects quick
  • Test-centric development
  • Be the best !


  • Excel at all costs
  • Create customer connections
  • The manager’s will
  • Make them love their job


  • In it to win it
  • Improvise the ladder
  • The gateway to success
  • The only way is up
  • Don’t go crying over spilled milk


  • An entrepreneur’s story
  • Strategize your business
  • Sell it while it’s hot
  • What’s in the pocket of a businessman ?
  • Bringing markets together


  • Become a millionaire by age 30
  • Are you open-minded ?
  • Save smartly not hardly
  • Financial literacy defined
  • How to handle your stocks