Some days, you just can’t give your all at work. And I’m not talking about because you’re tired, or you’re angry or sad, but it’s just that you’re sick. The thing about being sick at work is that it always feels like it’s never going to end. Having low-slung energy puts everything in slow motion and you just couldn’t project the right emotion, or staple the right set of papers. Coupled with the mountainous work that awaits you at the office and meetings that need your utmost participation, all you just want to do is step away, curve yourself in the corner like a softball and maybe stop the clock for a second.

Not everyone has the option to take a time off to recover. Maybe because their position in the company forces them to be in the office every day, or they’re just being naturally punctilious or just unfortunately not given paid sick leave benefits. For those who work in the technology industry where project timelines are already plotted and stress and sickness are at par, a fever is not an excuse when clearly what it requires is high standard skills and because it can be forgiven by sufficient salary. So it always helps to take this childhood chant seriously : An apple a day drives the doctor away.


What to do when sick at work

When these airborne villains kick you in the butt no matter the levels of protection you wear, maybe you can try some surefire ways to end this suffering.


Of course the first thing to do as soon as you wake up feeling lightheaded is to seek relief. In about 30 minutes determine if you can go to work or you really need to take a sick leave. We overachievers have a horrible way of being hardest on ourselves when the going gets tough, and sickness isn’t an exception. Find a medicine that works for you, for sure paracetamol and decongestants are available in your medicine cabinet. Be careful when taking medicines that require a meal. A doctor’s advice is to take your medicine 30 minutes before or 2 hours after meal for it to be effective.

Feed yourself — only healthy

When we’re sick at work we don’t have the appetite to eat so I usually end up eating foods that seem palatable even though unhealthy. But the most important thing with being sick at work is not to neglect foods like fruits and vegetables and anything that can spike up your energy. Coffee is one good stimulant but a lot of water is far more important. We all know that the vitamins we get from healthy foods help fend off harmful bacteria and rejuvenate our failing immune system.

Find a way to take some rest

While you’re sick at work and you just really shouldn’t miss an important deadline, instead of spending too much over sheets of paper, find a good time to get some sleep. The effect of overworking while your body is frail could be worse it might take you more days to recover. You must know that when it feels like the world is rotating in front of you it’s already a sign that you’re too ill for drudgery. But when you’re still capable, a quick nap can help beat the energy gap.

Keep it cool

Feeling wobbly on a Monday morning sometimes takes its toll on you at work. Be careful not to stress yourself with your team member’s mistake, or a jammed printer. It’s better to still keep things harmonious specially that your decisions can be affected by the ailment you’re feeling. Be a good example to your peers by showing them your hard work and that you are serious about getting things done even in rickety situations.

Set a goal

If you are a staff member, be transparent with your boss about feeling under the weather. But even when they excuse you for the day, make it a goal to accomplish one or two important tasks before going home early. If your teammate needs an important document from you, prioritize it. Anything you can do later that week can be done when your body is back at it again with a wild drive.

Our parents have always been protective of us –never get yourself wet in the rain, cover your nose when a smoky car passes by, avoid junk foods, exercise, and what not. If you haven’t been listening to them all these years, chances are, you get sick easily. Our body is our most important investment. Not only do we depend on it for our own future but also for the future of the ones we support financially. But no matter how hard we try to squeeze in exercise and correct our diet, being too hard working can sometimes cause us to neglect these important natural practices – hence we get sick. Some might ask, “What’s your excuse ?” — They got to be us to find out. I feel like it’s just an ordinary capability of a human mind to sometimes get a little hard on themselves. Thank god there’s a silver lining to it.