business event

Many companies nowadays choose to hold a business event outside their own premises. A company event that takes place outside the usual setting is likely to inspire greater engagement. Whether it’s a business conference, a training session or a team-building event, a change of scenery is strongly recommended to stimulate participants’ creativity.  

Encourage and optimise discussions between colleagues

Do you want your business event to be productive and successful? It is vital that you create an atmosphere that will help participants to concentrate and listen. Teams tend to get bored and tired very quickly in a familiar environment. The meeting room, for example, can quickly turn into a dormitory.


To overcome this lack of motivation, you need to change the setting for the event. Whatever kind of business meeting you are organising, it’s best to get out of the usual environment. Dare to break with routine — take the plunge and hold your symposium, meeting or workshop elsewhere. There’s nothing like a quirky, sociable location to encourage discussion between colleagues.


And there’s no shortage of ideas for rooms and destinations. Book an unusual and quirky space to meet your needs and requirements with Bird Office. For example, you can hire a meeting room in London, a training room in Manchester and much more… all to suit your convenience.


Get teams more involved in your Business event

Any self-respecting one-off business event has to involve the teams. In fact, they should help to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. This means that they are obliged to pay closer attention to what is said and to provide feedback. So, instead of shutting your colleagues away within the four walls of the office, why not organise a meeting outside your business premises? A brainstorming or co-working meeting held elsewhere will motivate your teams and encourage them to participate more, that’s for sure!


If you’re looking for a stimulating environment that’s out of the ordinary, Bird Office will be delighted to meet your needs. The platform puts a wide range of conference and meeting rooms at your disposal for any business event. Wine bar, amphitheatre, loft, apartment… the novelty of the event location will play a key role in motivating and engaging your colleagues. And an authentic space can’t fail to boost their creativity.


A team meeting outside your premises

This is a golden opportunity for them to get together and to get to know each other. A team-building weekend, for example, will give them a chance to see each other in a new light and get to know each other’s strengths. They can also learn to work well together through activities offered as part of team-building sessions.


There’s nothing like a residential conference or a symposium in a different city. It will give your teams the opportunity to meet up and share ideas. To keep their attention focused, why not choose somewhere related to the theme of the business event they are attending? An oenology conference in Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, will impress your colleagues.  


The perfect time to de-stress

A business event outside the office is also the ideal time to relax with your colleagues. Professional stress and burnout are major obstacles to your colleagues’ well-being. They therefore have a negative impact on the company’s objectives and the sustainability of its activities.


So, to solve this problem, it is recommended that you get out of the usual work setting. And what better way to do that than to allow your colleagues to make a business trip or attend a conference elsewhere? Whether your business event takes place in a different city or a different country, the important thing is to give your teams a change of scenery and an energy boost. It will also allow them to improve their skills as they de-stress. For this purpose, we strongly recommend a conference abroad, or a conference in the countryside.

Goodbye, stress and tedium! What’s more, you can always organise a business event outside your own premises, even on a tight budget