Highlight your ad by showing your meeting room, seminar venue, training spaces in their best light. Venue pictures are the most consulted elements on Bird Office’s ads: thanks to them, the client projects himself in your place for his professional event. Good quality photos increase your chances of getting more bookings. For new partners, beautiful photos can help you get your first booking: first impressions matter!

With more than 8,500 event rooms listed on Bird Office, our datas have shown that on average, ads that showcase at least 6 photos receive 20% more bookings.

To allow your venue ad to stand out, we offer the intervention of a professional photographer specializing in interior pictures.

To show all their potential, the following spaces must be photographed:

  • The room in different settings (round table, theater, conference, classroom …)
  • Common areas (shared kitchen, relaxation area, waiting room, entrance hall …).
  • The environment (entrance, garden, inner courtyard …).

Highlight your places by showing the atmosphere that reigns in your premises!

3 photoshoot offers according to your needs

With quality photos and a perfectly lit space, the customer will be able to acknowledge the space, be reassured that the participants will have enough space and that the equipment listed in your ad meets their expectations.

That’s why we offer our partners a quality service at preferential rates including shooting, edition and delivering :

* To make an appointment with the photographer, contact the partnership service by sending an email to partenariat@bird-office.com, or by filling this form.


Use the photos to tell the story of your meeting venue and highlight its uniqueness or surprising features.

  • Tidy up (you don’t want your room crammed with unnecessary objects, you want it as wide as possible).
  • Remove or hide trash bins
  • Put ornamental objects that showcase a professional environment (water bottles, notepad) and a pleasant atmosphere (plants, paintings)

Make your meeting space stand out, act out a meeting in the picture, and make visitors want to book it from the first picture!

However be careful to represent the reality: customers will expect to find what is depicted in the photos of your ad. Beware not to disappoint them by displaying elements that won’t be there !

Ads with at least 6 photos tend to receive more requests for information and booking.

If you are interested by this offer, contact us by leaving us a message at partenariat@bird-office.com, or by filling this form.