So you finally realized meeting space rental is actually a trend these days. You name one organization and outside office conference is a typical part of their day to day undertakings. It is important to recognize that a lot of freelance workers do benefit from renting private workspaces and computer rooms to fuel their businesses. With the advent of technology, booking a room is actually just a few clicks away – thanks to the amazing minds at Bird Office that made these kinds of activities possible in the cloud.

So how are workspace bookings made possible online?

That business meeting you just attended in a cliquey hotel in Paris? That was made available for you by Bird Office – an online meeting room reservation system, accessible 24/7, that provides small-to-large workspaces to businesses seeking for comfortable and easily accessible meeting rooms.

On a typical horizon of things, your meeting organizer just easily checked through Bird Office website, looked for a perfect conference room, booked it and then theres’ your meeting room on the go!

How those meeting rooms reflected in Bird Office is an effort of the room sharers. They are the ones who have empty meeting rooms pooled to Bird Office website. For them, sharing a meeting space to Bird Office is a cool and quick income generator for industries and individuals alike that want extra profit and exposure in their business.

Got any unused meeting spaces?

Now that you know all about it, why not convert that empty room as one in the network of remote workspaces to help other businesses accomplish their meetings? You might want to consider transforming that meeting room into an “Airbnb” of offices over the weekend so that you can share it on Bird Office. Youl’l see you can reap positive benefits to this newly found venture.

Sharing your available meeting rooms on Bird Office website can:

Fill that piggybank a little more

As the goal of the game, it turns out theres’ one other legit way you can improve cash to flow into your register. Sharing a meeting room to Bird office can be a beneficial rebound to help for the payment of minor bills and rents.

Help other businesses nearby to find a unique venue for their meetings

Your “lending a hand” can be of great help to other businesses and mobile workers alike. You can even provide extra features and other equipment to book if your’e renting a presentation room. You will be surprised when the deals are coming in to your business – thats’ why it is also important to make them your regular renters…which transports you to the next item.

Allow you to socialize with many other business owners

Potential leads in your business can be anywhere around London so make sharing an office space an avenue for you to gather potential clients as they might be the next ones who will sign huge deals with you!

Be a great publicity for your business

Having these other offices contact you for the available meeting room is an opportunity to advertise your kind of venture. For sure these customers would try to look you up out of curiosity or interest and maybe just tag your business in social media in one way or another!

How to share meeting room with Bird Office website

Bird Office provides you an easy way to share a meeting room without investing money or making someone else do the job for you. Its’ safe and secured and is even a great avenue to build strong business relationships. All you have to do is go to their main website at https://www.bird-office.com/en/.

Heres’ what you will do:

1. In Bird Office website, access “Share a Room”

2. Easily fill up the following information in the form

  • Address of your space/venue: Make sure you provide the specific address and building location. A map beside the fill up form can help you locate your place.
  • Use/Purpose of the space/venue: You can set your meeting space into several purposes below for others to use.
  • Features of the space/venue: select other amenities for your meeting space such as access for disabled persons and Wi-Fi.

3. Click “Confirm” and your meeting room is good to go!

As you share a meeting room, make sure that everything is setup to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Seek help from amongst your supportive internal designer friends to upgrade the place. Check that all of the amenities you provided are accessible and running so that when that first customer of yours starts to rent the place – nothing but praises will come as they go. Secure an arrangement worth the positive reviews and just grow your business with the help of Bird Office.