For most of my job interviews, the one question that I could instantly answer without sweat is: “What things do you look for in an organization?” Easy – as I always bear in mind three of the most important things that I watch out for in a workplace where I set forth my next career venture: Motivation, Learning and Fun. I see these things as basically the building blocks of positive working atmosphere in the office.

I would like to touch base with you on each of these things.


I value a company that provides an equal pay for the same amount of work. Many times have I heard a few of my colleagues complaining about how scant theyr’e being waged compared to the quantity and quality of service they provide. In return, they only serve so little and never even walk a slight extra mile that levels their motivation up to no good at all. What do they say? “Dont’ blame me, blame the money.” Those who arent’ motivated enough (may it be in the form of remuneration or rewards) are of scarce contribution to the success of the company and can even be the source of bad vibes from other colleagues.


Ever tried being benched for a month? For hardworking people like me, zero work for more than two weeks is already a sign of disengagement from my career-driven personality. Id’ rather have a busy workload that constantly challenges me to learn new things than go to the office and just sit all day in my workstation. If you have something to stir your mind about, youd’ definitely constantly feel achieved. There are many ways you can learn while at work as you can even extend that to getting trainings and certificates.


Probably the most important thing as this is one of the many reasons why employees keep up with their staying power. Those enjoyable moments in team building activities and short programs during company anniversaries and holiday parties around London are reasons enough to see the people around you as your family rather than just mere colleagues.

Now there are a few things you can extract from these building blocks to stimulate positive working atmosphere in the office

Do an outside-office meeting through Bird Office

Have you always been meeting inside the office for the longest time? Maybe you need to refactor your meeting techniques and try an outside-office meeting. Theres’ great benefit in doing conferences in a refreshing environment because positive ideas can just easily come out as attendees are completely comfortable and served well. Bird Office is a website where you can reserve unique outside-office meetings. In Bird Office, you will have plenty of meeting room options depending on your needs. These options do not end at training rooms, showrooms, computer rooms and presentation rooms garbed with features according to your liking.

Emphasize transparency

Since your team constantly meets up for status meetings, encourage team members to always declare both attainments and difficulties they face in the project. There are team members who are too afraid to be known for a mistake that they resolve problems on their own instead of asking for help, only to realize later on how big the mess has already gotten. So instead of that happening, impulse the idea that issues should be resolved hand-in-hand by the team before it gets too late for the projects’ state to be rebalanced.

Promote camaraderie

You cant’ always work forever, people are people – so they say. Organize getaways to stretch your teams’ seemingly withering backbone once again. Team camaraderie does not end though in lunch outs, pizza parties, beer nights and birthday surprises. You see, the more the employees enjoy their stay in the organization, the less they feel stressed and burdened by difficult tasks. Happy people create a happy place. You can even bring your team to a business meeting in Paris and I assure you theyl’l find it rather exciting than exhausting!

Appreciate the performers

A simple tap at the back is a great form of motivation. But that reward can even be converted to come in bigger forms. Give that rookie an “Early Bloomer Award” or those hardworking nerds an ABCD award for their “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” performance. In my previous experience in a software company, I even personally provide free expensive coffee to a programmer who produces no single issue during software testing.

Level up those who deserve it

Put to the pedestal those who you think are ready for a leadership role. If all of the above work so well for your team, theres’ definite opportunity for your members to just level up and advance in their career. As others look up to them, they will make sure to double-time without realizing how important they already are to the management. People who get surprised by a promotion they deserve and enjoy their work even more are reasons enough that the office has a great working atmosphere – which in effect generates a high employee stay rate.