Talk about that much awaited vacation

Its’ a third of the quarter and your office hasnt’ organized that out-of-town event yet? Do not prolong the agony – refill that already half-empty cup of energy and bring back the sparkle for a much awaited vacation. Never mind the bulk of emails that pop during your off time though because, for sure, as soon as you get back to business, your’e already replenished, and young, and ready to strut that powerful work guise once again. Or are you?

Most of the times, maintaining a positive, first-day attitude after a period of relaxation can be very difficult. Its’ the memory of the games and camaraderie that opposes the truth that the same workload, the same people, and the same office will hit you back in the face again as soon as the elevator door cracks open for you. Take a cut on that inter-organizational outing a year ago. You had so much to enjoy as if the days wouldnt’ end. But as soon as the reality sank back in, its’ the feeling that you dont’ want to go to business anymore that causes you to just, “Can I take a sick leave?” Because whatever happened to the take-back-Sunday-be-back-Monday technique did not fall through the plan… and as soon as it was missed, the remaining energy thats’ supposed to have been reserved on a Sunday was used on a Monday, and so everyone wasnt’ ready – you werent’ ready. Now go ahead tell your boss that theres’ always a better way.

What can you do to make going back to business rather exciting?

A way to keep it cool is a constant struggle to managers and meeting organizers alike. First day comeback work meeting just cant’ seem to catch a burn-up as quickly as the other times prior to your vacation or team outing. To make it exciting is the new technique. The idea that something still enjoyable awaits everyone in the office makes it rather “not that bad” to get back to business and face reality once again.

Setup a retrospective about the outing on the first day, with snacks, of course!

Rather than making everyone face the bulk of email yet, organize everyone around the meeting hall to conduct a retrospective about the outing. You can talk about what went well, or what everyone has learned about the outing, what aspects of the outing you think can be improved and other funny moments that you can reminisce, or want to forget?

Give the remainder of the rewards and prices (first thing, Monday!)

Its’ like no, wer’e not done yet ladies and gents! Normally, in outing activities, prices and rewards are given at the end of the event. You can plan internally to give the remainder of the rewards first thing as soon as you get back to business. This will feel like a get-up-and-go for your employees to regain control of their work. Youl’l see that these rewards will light up their faces and slowly put a hand on their very first tasks while probably chitchatting about those funny moments on the side.

Reserve a meeting room at Bird Office

Gather your team to a back-to-business meeting outside of the office instead. This will divert your teams’ itchiness to take a day off instead of going back to work because, for sure, Bird Office meeting rooms are exciting and new! Booking a meeting room will help your team not to fall back directly to the monotony of work – and most importantly, to still have a positive team morale. Why meeting rooms at Bird office website are exciting, check these out:

The meeting environment in Bird Office website invites you in

At Bird Office, theres’ no haggard feels because its’ the nature of the meeting space to be inviting, and comfortable, and easy to the eyes, compared to that same old meeting room at your office.

They make presentations and activities even more exciting

Aside from the spacious meeting place we can offer, your team can utilize the available high-tech features and equipment to build cooler presentations and effects that everyone can surely enjoy.

Its’ a different form of refreshment

Dont’ get demotivated at work, you just had your vacation! Of course, theres’ the feeling of, “I wish the vacation was a little longer”, but fear not – your access to Bird Office workspaces is another form of refreshment. Its’ like taking that vacation a little longer!

It still promotes camaraderie

For fast and hassle-free meetings, do book a workspace at bird office. You may think an outing is enough to build camaraderie, well, it is still camaraderie when everyone is personally seeing one anothers’ facial expression during an offsite meeting. Just eat, laugh and be productive!

It still fosters creativity and innovation

Admit it, first-day back to office apathy is a dilemma to worry – but scrap that out. Best ideas usually pour in when everyone is at the zone. At Bird Office, co-working is your goal, comfort is your zone.