A meeting in the summer

Plan an unforgettable meeting even on a holiday

Work meetings on a holiday are just too weak a bustle all kinds of workers around the world find a plight qualifying it to their vacation schedule. But no matter how hard it is to do away with holiday business, some industries just cant’ seem to completely avoid it. In moments when there isnt’ any more way to sidestep a business meeting in the summer, why not give up that much awaited recreation to your employees but with little work on the side that they can still enjoy?

Beaches might be too cliché for a retreat but theyr’e still proven to be very relaxing and fun ever since. This is where a lot of people barf out the stress brought about by drudgery of work. However, in some days when work cant’ really be dumped aside, maybe a break near bodies of water is not really the same dressing on a salad at all. As long as your routine starts with waking up in the morning to the cool breeze of summer, then heading to the meeting venue wouldnt’ feel really that dragging.

Plan out your meetings during the summer months not only in beach pavilions but also even in the furthest dry lands. Maybe in Rio de Janiero? Or cant’ meetings be as informal as sipping a cup of coffee in Aqua Shard, overlooking London? Be tactical with your meeting invites during summer outings to trick your team that it isnt’ really about work after all.

Heres’ some ways your team can enjoy meetings even in the summer months

Reserve a meeting room near the respite place

So you heard that your sales team members’ vacation plan is in Antwerp. Hit two birds with one stone by offering a hotel to stay and gently asking him to attend to a client meeting to pitch a proposal. It will save you the price of having to plan out his itinerary plus you get to market your product that easy. When setting up the client meeting, make sure to access Bird Office website to reserve plenty of fully-equipped meeting rooms. In Bird Office, you will find:

Sufficient meeting spaces

Bird Office provides large and technologically garnished meeting rooms that can accommodate about any number of meeting attendees from conferences to trainings to one-on-one business meetings.

Unique Venues

Find an unforgettable place to come back again that shelters you with seamless amenities. In Bird Office you will find presentation rooms that have one of a kind look and feel that can perfectly relax the eyes and even massage the burnt out brains.

Amazing staff

Feel the summer vacation even during a meeting with hotel staff who are always at your beck and call. Why not get intensely involved in a productive discussion and reward yourself later on with amazing food that can totally hit the spot? A hotel meeting is one of those important meetings that is generally enjoyable as long as theres’ reliable service from staff.

Set a free staycation for the team

Theres’ no such thing in the world as a paid vacation – defy that. Most companies invest in maintaining satisfaction and productivity for employees because they always know that talent is hard to nurture and is a very important resource. By paying for your teams’ vacation, you can hit even three core organizational values: service, transparency and camaraderie. As such, send your team to a 3-day summer getaway at any pool clubs in Brussels with casually about a smidgen of action items. Youl’l see theyl’l find it exhilarating rather than but another form of additional humdrum mission.

Send your team abroad on a business meeting

In the summer months when everyones’ wardrobe is awaiting exploitation, who doesnt’ want to hop on a plane and scrape the streets of Paris by flashing a Kendal-inspired crepe dress and jazzy straw hat? A summer meeting wouldnt’ feel as much as a job because everywhere you turn theres’ people around in captivating fashion that provokes you to just, “we cant’ stop because I want to savor the Effie-ness of this place forever!”

Offer to bring home the workspace

When holiday becomes inevitable and everyone is starting to get busy reserving hotels and flights, look around the corner and theres’ always that one person who isnt’ too excited for an island hopping spree. Creep towards him and take advantage of his introversion by offering work from home. It would look to him as if hes’ being promised of freedom even when you can still task him for online meetings to keep up with the project. Unless…

Play fair, pay fair

When all else fails and you really have to really do that job on a holiday, organize meetings on a summer day with doubled pay. Theres’ not much reward you can give them but the feeling of contentment and at the same time acceptance that business is business after all – regardless of the season of the year.