Transform your meeting room into something more unique

The meeting room is the place where big decisions affecting the direction of the company are discussed, and where brainstorming sessions come thick and fast. It needs to be conducive to the imagination and concentration, so it should reflect a certain dynamism which is a little out of the ordinary. The trick is to make your sessions fun, to inspire your colleagues. So say goodbye to the monotonous, characterless white walls, pristine carpets, and furniture that, although comfortable, lacks any kind of originality – and say hello to inventiveness and warmth, by transforming your old-style meeting room into a more inspiring space, without any costly investment. So, how do you go about it? Here are a few tips that will help give your meetings fresh inspiration and vitality.

No more impersonal white walls

According to scientific studies, colours stimulate creativity and boost individual and team work – especially the colour green. If you’re planning to revamp your old meeting room into a more atypical space, it’s time to put some colour on the walls. No need for paint, though: choose colourful accessories that put a smile on your face and give the walls a new look.

Hang a few pictures

Here’s an original idea that will instantly add colour to your meeting room. What’s more, by adding these kinds of decorations and creating a homely atmosphere, you are encouraging your employees to be more imaginative, for instance, during brainstorming sessions (ideal for finding the name of a new product, a catchy slogan, etc.).

A “lively wall” for creative meetings

There are many ways to brighten up the walls:

o Put up posters, signs, graffiti, or your company’s logo. If you have a design team, ask them to create a display that ties in with your brand and the image you want to convey.
o Display original and positive phrases, thought-provoking quotes, or your company’s slogan, using different fonts and colours.
o Put up wall coverings and optical illusions to liven up the walls.
o Bring in a flipchart to aid creative meetings (brainstorming, training, etc.). A blackboard with chalk is another alternative, for anyone who wishes to relive their childhood.

Change the floor covering

If there was ever an item that typified old meeting rooms, it’s that hopelessly out of date beige or red carpet. To follow the trend of unusual meeting rooms, the floor should get an offbeat new look, too.
There are different options available, with a grass carpet definitely being the most original. Depending on the type of work meeting you’re organising, you and your colleagues could then sit on the floor to mix up your work meetings and make them more fun.

Rethink the layout of your meeting room

Is your meeting room equipped with modern, super-comfortable ergonomic furniture? What if you changed it for something a little different? By updating or completely changing the style, your employees would no longer think of training sessions and meetings as a chore:

o Unique rooms without tables or chairs are becoming increasingly common in companies. This makes for shorter meetings, which means more motivated employees who are more likely to come up with good ideas.
o Rolling chairs are another option for a unique meeting room. It’s an original way to vary your space.
o You could also opt for vintage (the 1950s are i’n ‘again!) or mismatched furniture (in different colours), to disrupt the herd mentality.
o Pouffes, sofas and even swings are other good examples of furniture to use in order to transform your traditional meeting room into a more original space
o Use designer roller blinds to play with the space.

Brighten up the room with plants

As well as adding colour to your meeting room, green plants add character. Also, as we mentioned above, the colour green promotes creativity. The more there are, the better the atmosphere.

o Vases of flowers on the meeting room table can bring a fun touch and put you in a good mood.
o Putting plants in stylish pots and window boxes and placing them here and there – particularly in corners or hung from the ceiling – will add an exotic feel. Your employees will feel like they’re working outdoors and their concentration will only improve.

Don’t scrimp on the decorative and practical accessories

We can’t overemphasise this point: decorate your meeting room as if it were your house. This will give an informal feel to your group work sessions.

o Choose quirky and colourful ceiling lights, if the room is not lit by natural light.
o Hang up string lights or fairy lights for a warmer atmosphere.
o Throw some cheerful cushions on the sofas.
o Add a few toys & games on shelves to stimulate creativity, such as magazines for cutting things out, Lego, Playmobil, etc…all very useful for brainstorming!
o Install a coffee machine, water fountain or even a refrigerator for more relaxed meeting times.
Basically, think of all the little things that can also be useful in coworking sessions.

Don’t forget high-tech equipment

In our digital age, video projectors, extra-large screens, interactive tablets, magnetic sticky notes and other equipment are integral features of an original meeting room, and help meetings go smoothly.

Give a name to your meeting room

Putting an end to impersonal and mundane meeting rooms is becoming more of a trend. One way to do this is to give the room a fun name that ties in with its theme or decoration. This small and simple trick instantly gives your working space a unique feel. Your employees will love working in the Rainbow Room, Orange Room, Henry VIII Room…the possibilities are endless!