items for your desk


You spend a third of your day, almost 8 hours, at your place of work. So, naturally, you need to have some personal items for your desk and the latest gadgets to hand, as well as the essentials, of course. This helps you to get your bearings and improve your working conditions. These are the absolute must-haves you need on your desk to improve your productivity and sense of fulfilment.  


A computer

It will come as no surprise that this is the first and most important tool that should be on your desk. Whether it’s a desktop PC or a laptop all depends on your preference, but whichever you choose, no one can work nowadays without these increasingly powerful machines.


A really good screen

It really is best to have a wide, height-adjustable and tiltable screen. It will save you straining your eyes all day and significantly reduce neck pain.


An ergonomic mouse mat

It’s not just a conceit: a mouse mat with wrist support will take care of you. Try it and see! It is a must-have item for your desk. 


A USB stick or memory card is a must items for your desk

This small, discreet object will be your best friend when you have to give a presentation in a meeting or any business event, or save your files if you need to finish some work at home and you don’t have a laptop (we told you a laptop was more practical).


A notepad and pen or pencil

Yes, even in the digital age, these “old-school” items shouldn’t be missing from your desk. They’re still useful for making a quick note before an important meeting or to write down new ideas or an important appointment, or simply jotting down a telephone number.



Very useful for helping you to remember important tasks — post-its are another of your desk essentials.


Your smartphone or tablet

Just because you are at the office, it doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from the outside world. You don’t need to spend your time checking your messages and emails or reading your friends’ and colleagues’ latest Facebook posts, but it’s always comforting to know that you are contactable in the event of problems at home.


A charging point

For at least one device, and more if possible, in case your phone, tablet and colleague all run out of power at the same time. It will save you from any nasty surprises and you might be able to do someone a favour if you have a multi-port or, even better, wireless charger.


Extremely useful mini accessories


For used tissues, opened envelopes, a leaky pen, doodles… you need a mini bin. But not just any mini bin: something novel that will liven up your space. And consider a mini vacuum cleaner for dust and crumbs. These discreet items don’t take up much space but you’ll wonder how you managed without them.


A thermal mug

It will be your best friend, in summer as well as winter!


A box of tissues and a packet of wet wipes

You don’t need us to tell you that having a tissue to hand can prevent many a mishap. And they’ll be handy if you are sick at work


A designer lamp

Or a USB light ball (with different colour settings) if you’re particularly fond of connected devices. You’ll love the cosy feeling it provides.


A house plant

A bit of nature always does you good. If the only view from your workplace is of tower blocks and warehouses, you’ll appreciate having a plant. It will brighten up your desk and put you in a good mood. Some plants even purify the air.


Family photos

There’s nothing like a photo of your kids and/or your last holiday to lift your spirits when you’ve got the blues. You’ll be motivated by the sight of your nearest and dearest and those moments of joy, which will make you more productive.