team-building activities


Team-building activities are an integral part of business conferences at the moment. The reason is simple. Such activities allow you to thank, reward, motivate, unite and stimulate teams, as well as build loyalty, all at the same time. They’re a good way to boost the company’s productivity while having fun.

Team-building activities: first of all, establish your objective…

The purpose of team-building is to strengthen your team. As such, the main aims of this type of event are to:

Improve communication

Community life in general and company life in particular are never safe from conflict. To get things back on an even keel, the solution is simple. Invite all employees (including the parties involved) to a team-building session away from company premises and organise team-building activities that encourage discussion and communication.

Strengthen group cohesion among the people at your team-building session

Whether teams already know each other well or not, getting your employees together to strengthen their team spirit is a must. To achieve this, organising an unusual conference with novel team-building activities is a great idea. Self-confidence, initiative, excelling yourself.


Boost their sense of belonging

There is no miracle way to make employees feel involved in company life. You have to motivate them from time to time through activities during the reward team-building session that make them feel like fully fledged members of the company. And don’t forget that these activities convey what the company is all about.


Optimise company performance

It’s a known fact: stress and routine have a serious negative impact on employee performance. It is therefore important to organise motivational conferences, with fun team-building activities to boost everyone’s morale. This will keep employees competitive at all times and productivity looking good.


Team-building activity ideas for your conference

Sporting activities

To add a bit of spice and novelty, choose activities that are out of the ordinary: quad biking, regatta, jet skiing, kayaking, clay pigeon shooting, snowmobiles…


Creative activities

Creative activities are now among the top activities chosen by top companies to motivate their employees. Cookery, oenology, interior design… there is no shortage of ideas. Creative activities provide an opportunity to learn and have fun in a team-building session.

Arts activities

No discussion of team-building activities would be complete without a mention of arts activities. There’s plenty of scope for originality: shooting a short film, lip dub, giant fresco, street art… Awaken your employees’ inner artists!

Quirky activities

Team-building activities equals quirky activities. Treasure hunts (digital or real-life), murder mystery parties, Formula 3 driving, drone flying… the list goes on! The element of fun in these activities provides stimulation for those taking part. Want your business conference to be unforgettable why not book a castle for your event?


Cultural activities

Cultural trips (museums, stately homes, art galleries etc.) are hugely popular because of the educational element they add to a team-building session.


Relaxation activities

Massage, spa, thalassotherapy, yoga, relaxation therapy… activities that promote relaxation and well-being are beginning to gain ground at business conferences. And for good reason! Who wouldn’t want a chance to be pampered and forget everything for a day?