Why should you organize offsite meetings?

Offsite meetings can ultimately benefit your company

Being part of the management committee, your CEO would usually request you to organize offsite meetings at least twice a year. These are especially funded to allow the management to assess where everyone is at the vision and mission of the company. Even though offsite meetings cost ten times more than ordinary team meetings, they do generate practical outcomes that are greatly usable for the long term operation of your organization.

Top executives present in the meeting would go around carefully planned topics such as overview of the status of projects, announcement of special achievements, and establishment of plans to keep the organizational wheel fueled. These do not end though on a review of previous and current quota, dashboard presentation of recent highs and lows under metrics being monitored, and strategic forecast of future company endeavors. Team leads across designations attend the meeting as well as representatives that can provide relevant data that may require technical explanation.

However, for most attendees, an offsite meeting thats’ not relished is just another tedious form of work. So you would want to make sure that they enjoy their experience in any way possible however business-related the goals may be. As the owner of this meeting, your core organizing group can walk an extra mile to allow everyone to shake the tension off and just appreciate what the meeting place has to offer.

Lets’ itemize how offsite meetings can ultimately benefit your company.

The new environment invites you in:

Companies need to bring sense of play to the office by doing outside-office activities – says Richard Branson, a mega-entrepreneur. Organizing meetings at another place besides the office is an exciting way to thoroughly re-evaluate matters within your organization.

Presentations can be made even better:

Because your’e in a place that can accommodate more attendees, there is better opportunity for you to make use of the area and set up interesting activities. You can even utilize their features and equipment to build cooler presentations and effects.

A form of refreshment:

Regardless of the format and formality of these meetings, being in a nicer place will allow everyone to focus on critical topics and relax at the same time. Say it: You can never fathom the agony of staring at the four corners of your workstation while punching in on an online meeting! Surely an offsite meeting is a gratifying form of work-related activity even if it runs for hours or days.

Promotes camaraderie:

Most companies nowadays invest in online meetings because theyr’e fast and hassle-free. However, you can never underestimate the value of personally seeing the facial expression and gesture of your teammates discussing as these are building blocks of team transparency. A little bit of interesting personal experiences are not bad add-ons to meetings as they generally provoke good vibes.

Fosters creativity:

Best ideas usually pour in when everyone is at the zone. If your’e relaxed and comfortable and being serviced well, the remainder is just for you to focus on the topics and provide creative solutions to issues at hand.

Now that you know you can reap positive benefits in organizing offsite meetings, start looking for fine venues and lead everyone there!

Why you should rent a meeting room with Bird Office ?

Bird Office, the expert in conference room reservations, sees to it that all meetings are held at a reception thats’ unique, comfortable, and tech-ready while not compromising the essence of the meeting rather capturing the goals of it. Its’ just three easy steps to rent one: Find, reserve and meet! Check out some of these cool types of meeting places below:

A green environment:

Heres’ for the nature lovers who want to re-energize their eyes from staring at the desktop computers’ screen for too long. Discussing with your peers in front of a cool water fountain atop a flowery garden is a way to enjoy meetings without necessarily realizing its’ yet another work accomplished.

Good food works for the common good:

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well – so goes Virginia Woolfs’ famous adage. Theres’ great benefit in “eatin ‘meetin”‘ as everyone can just showcase their ideas while feasting on delightful food -humor combo.

The luxury of a hotel:

A confidential, executive-level business meeting that will run for three days? Then youl’l need a nice, cozy place! Surely the comfort in a hotels’ conference rooms is beyond par as the service and equipment are definitely “fast forward” than what your current meeting room has.

Place for a night:

Imagine the night lights as you strut on your most comfortable get up in London. Yes, meetings at night could also be calming and fun too! Although, you might want to try to limit up to two, three agenda as the rest of your energy can be reserved for activities that can build camaraderie.

Champagne cellar:

This ones’ a great example of unique. Yes wine lovers, this place is probably just right around the corner. Whats’ more pleasurable than quick discussions in the time sipping the best, old-age wines? Check out this place in Bird Office web site, as its’ probably already booked by now!