Have a meeting in Paris

Why do you should planning a meeting in Paris?

In Paris you will have a choice to rent ideal meeting room, seminar, training or conference room for your professional event.

Bird Office offers a vast selection of over-equipped rooms, especially for conversion according to your needs, and located in easily accessible locations in the capital of France. In this regard, the issue of the location of the meeting room, that is to say the area where you want to organize your professional event, arises quite naturally.

As a metaphor to the bravura of living, yes, life in Paris is literally like a glitter sprinkled in the morning breeze even when just gearing up towards your workplace. Paris is a place that eases burdens, clears up a hectic mind and possibly remedies a lonely heart once again. The city of love – a destination for tourists in a steadily blossoming romance, the language in which passion was born, and attractions that ablaze a seemingly taciturn heart on a quest.

People stay in Paris ‘best neighborhoods for these reasons:

They came to study

These are kids of extremely wealthy businessmen who are assertive enough to incur a specific curriculum that will upgrade their education and they see that available in Paris ‘famous universities. Others are some of the luckiest learners who have qualified for a promising exchange scholarship, perhaps in ENS?

They relocated to build their family

Perhaps some of the most romantic stories thrust in the form of wonderful date dates in the city of love. Those who are blessed enough to have found their soulmate would definitely want to stay and build a big, happy family in this incredible city.

They came to learn the language

I, for one, am a foreigner who loves to learn as many languages as I can. Whenever I visit a place, I feel the urge and excitement to learn its native tongue. I do it for fun. But for others, its’ the urge to succeed their goals someday that compels them to really get a hands-on to the worlds’ sassiest language.

They came for a career move

These are people who are looking for greener pasture and would like to experience the rich culture and lavish lifestyle in Paris. If you look around, most foreign artists and fashion designers flock around to find inspiration in this marvelous city.

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The best districts to have professional meeting in Paris

Palais Royale

On top of these neighborhoods is the geographical center of Paris where you can see The Louvre, Les Halles and the Palais Royal. This is a must-visit place for both settlers and tourists alike.

As usual, Bird Office offers a wide selection of meeting rooms, training room, and conference room, for up to 40 people, and at quite interesting prices.


The primary business district in Paris where countless business meetings and co-working sessions are set. Shop through trendy boutiques in Opéra as you monitor a healthy lifestyle by checking in for food in its amazing restaurants or shopping around the Paris Stock Market.

Bird Office offers sophisticated meeting rooms in Paris, perfect for any type of business meetings.

Marais, Picasso Museum

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris. This place situates the Picasso Museum and other 17th century mansions that have been housed by historical noble families. This is a neighborhood that puts the right amount of nostalgia to all history lovers.

If you decide to hold your meeting there, vocational training or seminar, Bird Office will be there and will offer its wide range of places for this kind of professional meetings.

Marais, Hétel de Ville

Live a life of luxuriousness in the lively heart of Marais. Party all night in bars and dont’ end the day without checking in at Hotel de Ville. Your centerpiece of extravagant lifestyle can be found here. The rue des Rosiers and Ile St. Louis are among the oldest places in Paris that you can visit in your spare time.

Latin Quarter

In Saint-Germain-des-Prés you can find famous shops, restaurants, bars and cafes for students can be found in this place. If you decide to organize your professional event in this part of Paris, Bird Office will gladly advocate for over-equipped rooms and usable as needed, holding up to 50 people.